Growing up in a highly conservative and religious Zambia, you get to see the reverence we place upon our preachers and politicians. Fortunately pimps are not that common in Zambia, but they fall under the same brand of manipulators of the weak minded.


Politicians and preachers are a necessary tool for social stability, whereas pimps are not as publicly lauded for the services they render.

I’m not judging every politician or preacher, but observing some of the extremities that their kind do.


In every society there are the weak willed, who do not believe in their own abilities, but in the abilities of the well spoken, who promise them a better tomorrow by sacrificing today.
They encourage their followers to sacrifice and pay tribute, tithe, tax and royalties in exchange for security, stability, salvation and a better tomorrow.

To do this they must sell the dream to any who may follow them, whilst they themselves do not live by their own words. Do as I say, not as I do.



They prey on vulnerable women and men, who seek love and validation. The pimp will show them love, security and shelter and steer their charges to exchange their bodies for cash.

They specialize in making their charges feel guilty not meeting quotas or cashing targets. Violence is an ever present means of motivation.


They prey on society at large, offering solutions to all manner of social ills.
They specialize in telling you what you want to hear, reminding you of your tribe/religion/ethnicity/race, and how you are different from the others, all the while talking of national unity.
Once elected, they’ll forget all the promises they made, make the voters tighten their belts, and feast off the taxes.
They’ll preach national unity, maintain their power bases and use the system and force to maintain their stay in power.


They prey on the faith of their believers, promising exponential returns on the gifts they give them, or suffering now for eternal bliss in the great beyond.

A great number are merely good orators, holding their flock to high moral standards, while they are prone to fall victins of spiritual battles as they do not sin.

Truth is society would be lost or worse off without politicians and preachers. But, on the flip side a lot of wars and suffering are caused by politicians and preacher, who encourage the patriotic and righteous to wage war for the cause.